👋 Hi, I am a musician turned software engineer at HubSpot that enjoys using my creativity to face the challenges involved in building and shipping software that makes the lives of people better. Before joining HubSpot, I worked at Automattic on Calypso a complete revamp of the WordPress.com dashboard and at Boston University where I helped build a WordPress website hosting service that hosts most of the university’s websites. I live near Boston, Massachusetts with my wife Ashley and our two kids.

The stream will be live at https://t.co/6Nyn3vKBZmat 8pm EST. on Fri Dec 03

Getting ready to help live stream a concert featuring the music of Marilyn Shrude. Hard to believe it has been 20 y… https://t.co/IgSFWMh2eV on Fri Dec 03

A few pictures from a recent 25-mile backpacking trip with my brother along the shores of Lake Superior in the Uppe… https://t.co/zaUoQz7VvP on Sat Oct 23

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@zpao Maybe How Buildings Learn? on Mon Feb 22

It is time to impeach Donald Trump and have him removed from office. @SpeakerPelosi on Wed Jan 06

Music From Bowling Green

featuring compositions by composers Burton Beerman, Gregory Cornelius, Shane Hoose, Mikel Kuehn, Elainie Lillios, Marilyn Shrude, Michael Thompson, and Dan Tramte