I write code at Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, Gravatar, Akismet, and a bevy of other products that make the web better. I also occasionally compose music that often incorporates technology and recorded sounds, and I am the co-director of the new music organization Amp New Music.

One of the few planes flying into BOS on a sunny social distancing Sunday. @ Winthrop, Massachusetts https://t.co/ZJwKq8Jq3N on Sun May 03

@UnlikelyWords I wonder if we can get Twitter to turn off his account. Could we make it so painful for Twitter that they must? on Sun Mar 29

@beaulebens @berkun @automattic I couldn’t help but share the book while giving HubSpot’s first all remote tech tal… https://t.co/kFqSrLNJOE on Tue Mar 17

RT @BostonGlobe: Coronavirus update: Governor Baker closes all Mass. public schools, prohibits gatherings of 25 people or more, bans on-pre… on Sun Mar 15

@timeril Take care of yourself and your family. Lots of people out there thinking about you. on Sun Mar 15

@Folletto Yeah, I don’t disagree with the UI having opportunities for improvement, but I think the thought that wen… https://t.co/nBELfBtxVW on Sat Mar 07

@Folletto I think where Zoom really shines is how it integrates with conference rooms and Google Calendar — both ar… https://t.co/VZmlgqeyuv on Sat Mar 07

Music From Bowling Green

featuring compositions by composers Burton Beerman, Gregory Cornelius, Shane Hoose, Mikel Kuehn, Elainie Lillios, Marilyn Shrude, Michael Thompson, and Dan Tramte