[ Music for Spaces is an Austin-based performance project navigating the front lines of contemporary music-making. Conceived + curated by Leanne Zacharias, it demystifies art music through site-specific programming, unlikely collaborations + inimitable live moments. Installments renegotiate traditional venues + explore the turning of everyday space into performance space: hallways, stairwells, clubs, museums, fossil collections, kitchens, the outdoors, public space, private space + religious space. Collaborations have incorporated cello ensemble, laptops, chimes, clapping, improv, carillon, voices, electronics, kalimba, movement, friends, strangers  + many surprises. Most recently, as part of the art extravaganza Movable Feast, audience members traveled via canoe to hear musicians placed on docks along the Colorado River in downtown Austin.

Voice-Leading was first presented as an installment of the Music for Spaces project in April 2007. ]